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10. Cruising Through Venice

Theres a lot of grand buildings. Theres a chapel dedicated to St Mark. Photos arent allowed inside, so sorry about that. Its worth a look. The story goes St Mark had a vision hed be buried in Venice. But Venice didnt exist in his lifetime. It was just a swamp. Consequently, he died in Egypt. Hundreds of years later some likely lads decided to help St Mark with his prophecy so they found him in Egypt. Hid his body from the muslim security forces by hiding him under pork products and snuck him back to Venice for re burial. Or so the story goes……..


The gaol in Venice. Only one person ever successfully escaped, namely the still notorious latin lover Cassanova. He was imprisoned for knocking up a nun (really Cassanova? Really???) and sentenced to gaol. He bribed a guard to let him out (so, when I say escaped……) and buggered off in a gondola. He stayed away until things settled down a bit. He did return eventually and even did things like worked as a Venetian spy.


And to you Cassanova!

Walking around Venice….

First woman in the world to get a university degree. It did cause a bit of a stir at the time, but it did happen. She obtained a degree in theology snd then went on to be a nun (and no, I dont know of she joined a nunnery in the hope of meeting cassanova).


Produce at Padova. It has a similar feel to Victoria Markets in Melbourne. Beautiful displays of fish, meat, vegies…


Then, it was time for a cruise(well we are on a boat). Our butler Paul lopped the top off a bottle of Champagne to start proceedings then we went for a cruise around the Venice delta.


The rest of the day is a haze of caprioscas, prosecco, whisky and wine. At midnight there was an arguement about which country the Bee Gees are from. A clear sign its time to go to bed! PS the Bee Gees started in Redcliff in Brisbane ?.

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