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As some of you may be aware, Steven and Robin have been planning a trip through Italy now for quite some time. They spent a week island hopping in Thailand before heading into Milan on the 11th of August, 2018. On the 10th, I receive this photo….


1. Tinned Spaghetti in Milano

2. Driving a Fiat 500 to Lake Como

3. Pizza, Panini and Prosecco in Bellagio

4.  Alba

5. Eating Around Alba

6. Barbera, Nebbiolo on the Hazelnut Farm

7. Leaving the Hazelnut Farm

8.  Saying Goodbye to the Fiat 500.

9. Amorone, Risotto and History. 

10.  Cruising Through Venice

11. Bologna 

12. Chioggia by Boat

13.  Isle of Torcello

14. Last Moments on the River Countess

15. Venice

16. Eating Steak at a Butchers

17. Farewell Italy!

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