piggs in the garden

summer crops

With the weather deciding to behave more like summer than an extended spring, we’re starting to see a lot of the crops maturing and ready for harvest in our vegetable gardens. Some other factors which are helping with the summer crops are additions of organic fertilizers which not only feed the plants, but also feed the life that’s within the soil. When digging into our garden beds, it’s awesome to find so many earthworms, which is an indication of the health of the soil.

In my previous blog I mentioned that we have sebago potatoes planted in 4 different stages this season in the garden. We recently harvested the first stage for a nice harvest of about 30 kg which have progressed straight into the menu for Yellow Billy Restaurant.

When we thinking about summer fruit and vegetables we often think about tomatoes. The large heirloom tomatoes which aren’t found in supermarkets are full of flavour and they don’t pass the tennis ball test of supermarket tomatoes because their skin is not as hard as mass produced crops. In our organic gardens we protect our black krim tomatoes with reuseable draw string bags which prevent birds, fruit flies and caterpillars from dining out. The result is the uniquely shaped yet awesome tasting red and dark green fruit which are being used in Yellow Billy Restaurant

With the recent warm weather if we take our eyes off our lebanese zucchinis for a few moments they seem to multiply so quickly. In fact, they are doubling in size overnight. The larger ones which seem to have got away are great for stuffed zucchini recipes.

if you’d like to revisit our website again soon to check our blog, piggs in the garden, we’ll post some updates on the progress of our summer crops.