2024 new release night
food & wine menu

sporkling wines

fizzy pig

semi-sweet wines

apple sauce (slightly spritzy white)

musk pig (slightly spirtzy moscato)

porco rosso (semi-sweet red)

pig juice (sweet spritzy shiraz)

dessert wines

i swine

suckling pig zinfandel

white wines

2024 graze pig

2024 lemon pig

2024 parcel of whites

2024 passionate pig

2024 pork barrel viognier

2024 smelly pig

2024 upper pig verdelho

2023 surly pig chardonnay

2024 porcelet saumon

red wines

2023 boar sin

2023 porco preto

2023 pork & old grenache

2023 pork & prunes

2023 a parcel of shiraz

2023 biroldo

2023 brimming shiraz

2023 creepy pig

2023 el puerco

2023 full bore durif

2023 hogwash

2023 house of bricks shiraz

2023 house of sticks shiraz

2023 pettitoe

2023 pig iron

2023 spamish dry red

2023 stylish sagrantino

2023 the cutter

2023 pork & old shiraz

2023 pig nuts

2023 piggy back shiraz

2023 piggy in the middle

2023 pigmented lagrein

on arrival

binnorie dairy

cheese platters

to enjoy

pork & truffle sausages

spit roasted local pig

spit roasted beef rump

salad bar

roasted pumpkin & spinach

japanese slaw with sesame mayo

corn & coriander slaw

potato salad

sesame rice with honey & edamame

*all salads are vegetarian & gluten free


chocolate cake

beer, water, soft drinks, tea, coffee and hot chocolate are available.  please ask a staff member if there’s anything you can’t find.