about us

piggs is a small, premium cellar door and winery in the hunter valley. on hermitage road you will find a modern, state of the art winery which processes grapes from vineyards dating back to the 1800's. it's that wonderful combination of a new winery and old vines.


boss hogg
steve langham has been at the helm of the winery since the 2003 vintage and his early career as a chemical engineer shows itself through the wines and styles piggs peake is famous for.


the manager
linda is one of the originals here at piggs peake having started just after steve. anyone who deals with linda will know she’s just not normal. does she have a photographic memory? is she part cyborg?


marc is the engine room of the winery. during vintage marc is the guy who is at the coalface of operations crushing grapes and plunging reds. his sensory skills are quite remarkable.


cellar door manager
jarryd has a mixed background having worked as both a winemaker and a brewer. jarryd is a wealth of information about food, beer, wine, life, the universe and everything else in between.