• Ceduna

    The first 70m of the fairway is carpark in appearance, but parking is discouraged

    Even out here theres still a focus on food and drink
    The Nullarbor Nymph was a fabricated story that made headlines. It involved a statuesque blonde who lived naked with the local kangaroos.
    Lush fairways are littered with the remains of clay pigeons. Provides plenty of extra run
    The club house has been fitted out with catering facilities for 100 and climate controlled dining areas
    Eucla is right down near the ocean. Its a bright sunny day but the breezes are straight off the south pole
    Back in the day this was the telegraph station
    I do love a good snake warning
    Little margin for error. Its like threading a needle
    The Border Roo. Hes in SA, so goodbye WA

    Just over the border we dip down to the edge off the bluff
    Im going to have to go back to my reference source (a childrens picture book on trucks my son used to get me to read him) and check road train lengths. According to the road signs around here about 50m seems to be the limit. Hmmmmm

    Ceduna is a lovely little town on the ocean with a long jetty. The pub and bistro look out over the jetty. Just gorgeous
    We stay the night at Streaky Bay and eat prawns, tender squid and King George Whiting at the bar. Hoges is our host (nah, not that Hoges) and he has a horse running on the weekend called Beauty (nah, not that Beauty) that we now intend to have a flutter on.
  • Across the Nullarbor

    Day 2: Today we drive the Nullarbor proper. We have given ourselves two days to get from Kalgoorlie to Ceduna. On the way we plan to play the worlds longest golf course. 18 holes stretch out over the length of the Nullarbor with holes positioned at various truck stops, points of interest etc. Sadly, we have no clubs. We ring around opp shops to try to find some cheap, look at Gumtree all to no avail. Finally, we buy a childs fairway wood and 7 iron from Sports Scene. Suitably armed, we prepare mentally for a day of long driving (and a suspect some wayward driving too).

    A statue in honor of the Kalgoorlie gold miners and some stats. $96 billion dollars worth of gold has been mined from the super pit. Its currently producing $1.2 billion worth of gold a year.

    Then, time for a round of golf!

    The greens here are red dirt mixed with what smells like sump oil

    The nullarbor golf course is a compilation course of about a dozen different sites. Silver Lake is hole 3 (if u start from the west) and is about 100km from hole 1 and 2 in Kalgoorlie.


    A close up of the fairway



    Next hole

    Anson’s drive landed right in the middle of the fairway giving him a perfect lie to play his approach to the green.


    Next hole

    Next hole

    The wild life was interested in the match unfolding between Anson and I.

    The last 3 greens have been astro turf. Tricky to get shots to stick on the putting surface
    We stopped at Norseman for a bite st the Full Moon cafe. Great coffee, fresh burgers and vibrant Thai food. For a remote outpost it was surprisingly busy. We turn here on to the Eyre highway. Its just a shade under 2000km to Adelaide from here.
    As we are driving towards Madura a thought dawns on us. Theres a 3 hour time difference between Sydney and Perth. So, somewhere out here there must be time zones. We ring ahead to where we are staying and sure enough its 45 minutes later there. Doh! Our ETA just went from 8pm to 845pm and that means the restaurant will be shut.
    Approacing Belladonia where a piece of Sky Lab landed back in the day. Not sure whats happened here since…..

    Next hole. Skylab. Skylab is a long par 3 with no actual fairway. It also has a snake warning!
    When Sky Lab came down the local ranger issued NASA with a littering fine.

    Walking down to the green
    Walking around looking for Ansons ball we caught this guy napping.

    A shield behind the green shows the scars of those who over clubbed
    This bit of highway doubles as an airstrip when required
    The otherside of Balladonia is pretty much the start of the Nullarbor. Things just got flat. The horizon is quite defined.
    At this point we are roughly halfway between Perth and Adelaide so its probably time to have a think about how driving the Nullabor compares to driving around Italy in a food and wine sense. Now that we are in the center of the Nullarbor luxuries are disappearing and prices are rising. Petrol is over $2 a litre. Coffee is over $6. This morning we passed on a $6.50 coffee out of a push button coffee machine (same sorta machine that was in our accomodation in Milano) and got a $6.50 coffee down the road 100km made on long life milk (something we experienced a lot in Italy). Hmmmm, I’d suggest in terms of coffee culture (and Im talking about milk based coffees here) that the Nullabor is ahead of Milan!
    We didnt plan our trip very well so the last hole for the day (Eagles Nest at Cocklebiddy) was played by car headlights
    Foodwise Italy has superior produce. The cheese, tomato, cold meats etc are fantastic. But, it repeats a lot. Kalgoorlie had duck buns, Norseman had Thai. Australia has a diversity in its food which I love, even in the outback. We are now heading towards a point where the road approaches the ocean then down towards (eventually) Port Lincoln. Im expecting some high quality seafood. The area around Venice was very seafood focused, but Im heading for Boston Bay (mussels), Coffin Bay (oysters), Port Lincoln (tuna) and the beautiful seafood of the Spencer Gulf. We will see…….
  • Italy

    As some of you may be aware, Steven and Robin have been planning a trip through Italy now for quite some time. They spent a week island hopping in Thailand before heading into Milan on the 11th of August, 2018. On the 10th, I receive this photo….


    1. Tinned Spaghetti in Milano

    2. Driving a Fiat 500 to Lake Como

    3. Pizza, Panini and Prosecco in Bellagio

    4.  Alba

    5. Eating Around Alba

    6. Barbera, Nebbiolo on the Hazelnut Farm

    7. Leaving the Hazelnut Farm

    8.  Saying Goodbye to the Fiat 500.

    9. Amorone, Risotto and History. 

    10.  Cruising Through Venice

    11. Bologna 

    12. Chioggia by Boat

    13.  Isle of Torcello

    14. Last Moments on the River Countess

    15. Venice

    16. Eating Steak at a Butchers

    17. Farewell Italy!

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