2014 fluoro pig mataro

Over the millennia grapes would get transported from region to region. Village to village and backyard to backyard.
A grape might have many different names and its possible that you may not realise that the same variety can be shown to you many times and yet be presented to you as a different variety with a different name each time.
This grapes name is Mataro or Monastrell in Spain Mourvedre in France.
Yet I’ve been told it has over a hundred pseudonyms globally. My favourite is Flouroux, so we have made a Flouro Pig!
In Australia the variety is more commonly named as Mataro as has a bit of a workhorse aura about it. Not many people here view it as worthy of a straight varietal wine.
And then it becomes a bit chicken and egg. If its not worth of a bottling on its own, if no-one knows about it, winemakers don’t want to buy the grapes, so you don’t look after the vineyard so the fruits no good so no-one wants to buy the grapes so no-one knows about it etc etc etc Anyhow, we found a good Mataro grower so we have made a Mataro and its good. So, now we want to show it to people.
Its a nice little wine. Rosy on the nose. Its been made in old oak so the fruit is what you taste.