2018 show reserve shiraz


Why is a company that doesn’t enter wineshows making a Show Reserve Shiraz?
I think for legal reasons I’d better not answer that………. Suffice to say that this wine is roughly an 80-20 blend of Broke Shiraz (Broke is a region just up the road from Pokolbin. Pokolbin is the centre of the Hunter Valleys cellar door region) with Shiraz from McLaren Vale in South Australia.

Then a little bit of Viognier was introduced to lift the nose and soften the tannins.
It’s a big wine, reminiscent of a Hunter Shiraz, but due to the large McLaren Vale Shiraz component its got deeper colour and a juicier mid palate than you would expect.

Its a pretty good drink. It’s like a Hunter Shiraz on steroids. How would it go in a wineshow though?
Well, it couldnt be entered in the Hunter Valley Wineshow or the Hunter Valley Boutique Wineshow as legally it isnt Hunter due to the addition of McLaren Vale Shiraz.

The last time I looked (which admittedly was many years ago now. Im hopelessly out of date with these matters) it couldnt be entered in the more prominent wineshows as they have stock levels and its a small bottling.

Yes, thats right. You have to make so much wine (a minimum number of litres) before you are allowed into most wineshows.
I remember one prominent wine competition had a 1000 case stock requirement (most Piggs Peake bottlings are about 200 cases).
So, small bottlings like this typically cant be entered in the larger, more prominent wineshows.
Or, maybe you can enter them soon after you bottle them when you have the most stock, but as you start to sell them your volume drops and you become ineligible to enter.

Worst case scenario is you enter the show, start selling the wine, win and get publicy stripped of the award because you cant show the officials that you have sufficient stock to have been eligible to enter!
Anyhow,its an in joke here at Piggs Peake. If you are in the area come in and try one of our non-award winning wines from one of Australia’s least awarded wine companies.