2016 ham pain

the 2015 ham pain is a 100% chardonnay from the Hunter Valley wine region in NSW.

the chardonnay was picked very early in the season while the grapes were not very sweet.

the fruit was very gently squeezed with only the first bit of juice coming out being used for this wine.

it was cold fermented and then transferred from stainless steel tanks to old 500l barrels where it was aged for a year.

it was then transferred to a bottle and fermented a second time to create the carbonation this wine enjoys.

three years then passed while the wine took on yeasty flavours from the dead yeast in the bottle.

finally, the wine had the yeast removed from it and the bottle was topped with a whisker of aged brandy to give an extra dimension of richness.

this is quite a classic style, zippy acidity and a developed/complex nose with a fine bead and creamy mousse.

drink it when you are happy. drink it when you are sad. drink it with friends. drink it when you are alone.

just enjoy it.