2015 pig schist touriga


Touriga is a traditional Portuguese varietal.
Yes, it’s used to make Port, but it is also used to make dry red wine.
We have had Touriga in the winery now a couple of times (we made it in to a fortified the first time) and it really surprises me.
As a dry red it comes across light and floral with a surprising fullness to the palate. It’s a good drink.
During my studies of the variety when I was trying to get my head around it I read that in Portugal that it was commonly grown in a soil type named Schist. I couldn’t resist using that in the name…

The Swines price is $38 and the cellar door price is $45. 2015 was a cracker year for this variety in McLaren Vale so I’d get in early.

The Grenache/Shiraz blend is a very ripe and jammy flavoured wine showing fruit intensity and sweet plums and rhubarb. It has a slight peppery element but carries cherry tomato ripeness. The wine has a soft rounded palate structure and a great palate length and spice.
The House of Bricks Grenache/Shiraz is a big wine, made for extended cellaring but with an elegance on the finish making it extremely approachable. It can be enjoyed now but will benefit from at least 10 years of careful cellaring.
Roast lamb or Roast Beef dishes are a wonderful accompaniment for this wine.