2016 ham pain

ham pain is a bottle fermented sparkling wine made out of 100% chardonnay grapes.

to make this style, the grapes are picked earlier than usual, resulting in higher levels of acid and a leaner flavour spectrum.

wines like this are delicate, so we squeeze the grapes very gently and only take the first bit of juice that comes out of them. that juice is cold fermented in stainless steel tanks initially, but finishes ferment in large (500l) oak barrels where it then rests for a year in contact with the dead yeast from the ferment.

it’s then bottled and small amounts of sugar and yeast are introduced into the bottles and a crown seal is placed on top.

the sugar is eaten and the gas formed results in the wine being fizzy.

when all the sugars are eaten, the yeast die and the wine then spends a further 3 years in contact with the dead yeast. all this dead yeast contact (winemakers call dead yeast lees) results in flavours being given to the final wine such as a bread, brioche characters. it also gives the palate a sweetness and a creaminess.

the wine is an ideal start to an evening served ice cold with a range of seafood starters.