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2016 house of straw merlot


Merlot is one of the great wines of the world. It’s not uncommon to see Merlot on a winelist for thousands of dollars a bottle. But, in Australia it has something of a bad reputation.

Australian winemakers have turned Merlot into an introductory red. If you buy a Merlot from an Australian bottleshop more than likely it will be too soft and too sweet. Theres no reason for this.

Our Merlot comes from the famous Cargo Road Vineyard in Orange. It is fully ripened on the vine before being bought in to the winery and treated in the same way as we would a Cabernet.

The wine is perfumed with hints of coffee and has a firm dry palate. It will happily age for 5-8 years and develop blackcurrant characters. Try it with a lamb roast.


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