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2017 pig headed nebbiolo

I think I’ll plant Nebbiolo in Orange, said James Sweetapple.

Dont plant Nebbiolo, I said to James.

Plant Lagrein.

Nebbiolo is too hard. I reckon its like Pinot. It will struggle to achieve greatness here.

Go to Italy and research Lagrein.

So, what did James do?

He went to Italy, researched Nebbiolo and planted it.


So, in 2017 we received our first batch of Nebbiolo from our pig headed friend and Ive been eating humble pie ever since.

He nailed it.

It’s a lovely wine with a delightful tannin structure and a freshness that’s simply wonderful.

It has some of those classic rosy characters I associate with the best examples I’ve seen from around the world.

I think it’s a wine that will drink well for a long time.


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