2018 pork hunt shiraz (750ml)

this unfortunately named wine is from our super premium series of shiraz’s.

when we started out we simply had quality levels such as straw, sticks and bricks.

but, over time, wines were made that didn’t neatly pigeon hole into the range or that seemed unique and deserved of an individual bottle.

pork hunt is one of those wines.

it’s a style of shiraz from mclaren vale in south australia that has more robust tannins as a young wine.

it’s a chewy thing, drier and heavier than some of the other styles we make.

the winemaking is a little different from the other red wines in our range.

we cold soak the grapes for five days. ferment quite warm. press gently and ferment in new american oak.

then age it in oak for a year.

it’s the raw quality of the grape that elevates it into this wine. i’m sure you will know someone who deserves a bottle…… a good one to lay down for a decade or more.