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2019 pigs blood

Pigs Blood is a wine made out of the notorious Chambourcin grape.

Chambourcin is a bit of an oddity in the world of wine having parents in both the America’s and Europe. Normally only European grapes end up in wine. But, American grapes typically have better colour, better acidity and superior disease resistance. Sadly though, they tend to taste god awful. So, over the years people have crossed the two species in a hope that the off spring got the best attributes of both parents and that a super grape would be created.

Chambourcin is the closest anyone has ever got to such a unicorn. The grapes were grown in the hot and drought effected 2019 vintage here in the Hunter Valley, NSW Australia. The grapes were de-stemmed (not crushed) and cold soaked for 5 days in small open fermenters before an attenuated hand plunged ferment was conducted at low temperatures. The skins were removed early (Chambourcin skins taste bad courtesy of their American parent) and the wine was fermented and then aged for six months in 500L barrels that were twenty years old.

Chambourcin is a low tannin variety naturally, but the very gentle handling we give to Chambourcin means the wine lacks structure. So, we blend Shiraz from McLaren Vale South Australia into it to give a supporting tannin structure and a drying finish. This is a wine with a tart, raspberry character and a generosity of palate. Its not an aging prospect and should be consumed with meat dishes in the short to medium term.


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