2020 feral pig

this is a weird one.

there’s a grape called saperavi. it’s a wild one.

saperavi is known for making a wine of incredible colour.

then there’s a thing called durif by the name petit syrah (little shiraz or son of shiraz, which genetically it is). durif is renowned for making deeply coloured monster reds.

anyhow, we decided to buy some from griffith and when it turned up we were pressing out the saperavi. i looked at the durif skins and looked at the used saperavi skins and decided that the saperavi skins looked better than the durif skins. so, i pressed the durif like a white, and fermented its juice on the saperavi skins.

it was an odd thing to do, but i had my own evil reasons for doing so.

the end result is that we have made a wine that’s quite unusual and we all quite like it.

actually, it’s a cracker.

it’s soft, approachable, mouth filling.

it’s just really good.

if you feel like a wine that reminds you of argentinian malbec or a good tempranillo, give this a shot. it’s in that sort of realm.