2021 hogshead chardonnay

there is a recurring theme in 2020 that things didn’t quite go to plan.

to quote one of the great philosophers of our time, mike tyson “everyone has a plan until they get punched in the head”.

it’s very true.

so, we went in to the 2020 vintage with three chardonnay vineyards lined up and ended up making the wine off another one altogether.

sorta sums up what happened in 2020 doesn’t it.

anyhow, the vineyard we ended up with is the immediate property to the north of the main vineyard we use.

the block gets a little bit more water than our normal block, has a little bit more canopy on the vineyard and makes a similar wine except that it’s a bit leaner and tighter than our normal hogshead.

i quite like it.

as always, its fermented in new french oak, so you get the lovely nutty characters from that supported by some nice, ripe stonefruit characters on the palate.

this is a great example of chardonnay which will perfectly marry up to some flavoursome seafood or white meat dishes over the coming summer months.