2021 wiggly tail

the wiggly tail has evolved over the last couple of decades from a wine that was 100% marsanne originally, to a wine with often a touch of viognier to its modern version which is a roussanne/marsanne/viognier.

while the marsanne vineyard was planted in 1973 (and marsanne had been grown in australia for 50 years or more prior to that) viognier and roussanne are relative new comers.

it’s interesting that as a country that while we rapidly embrace shiraz we have been much slower to explore the white grapes of its homeland. anyhow, we are there now.

in the blend roussanne provides the acid structure to the wine. marsanne gives a nice middle to the palate and viognier provides the opulence being a heady, fragrant grape. the end result is a medium bodied white that’s not overtly fruity.

it’s a restrained savoury style, that would suit a range of cooked seafood dishes such as bbq’d king prawns.