2021 rind riesling (dry)

we’ve made a few dry rieslings now at piggs peake.

riesling is one of the world’s great white grapes and is capable of making a wonderfully diverse range of wine styles. sadly, this ability to be diverse can lead to confusion in the public’s mind as to what they are buying.

so, the vineyards we use to make this wine are in young (hilltops region) and orange. both these regions by australian standards are cooler areas. as a result, the wines come out more acidic.

now, when the wines are acidic that acid needs to be balanced by something and that something is sugar. otherwise, the wine will be thin and hard. so, we leave a bit of sweetness in this wine to balance out the high levels of acidity.

i find the initial feel of the wine is of a fruit sweetness and a proper weight of palate (which is due to the sugar), which is then replaced by acid resulting in a dry finish.

a wonderful wine with fresh seafood and a slice of lime or something with a mild spice.