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Piggs Peake is an unusual place. In fundamental terms, it’s a winery.

We have a reputation for bending and twisting the rules of winemaking. Its not uncommon when you are doing a tasting to hear others using words like Heston and Willy Wonka to describe the experience.

That’s not to say the classics don’t exist, they do. There are superb examples of Hunter Valley Semillons and Shiraz’s made at Piggs. But, its things like Moree Pedro Ximenez, Orange Zinfandels that take people by surprise make you stop and think.

If you’re looking for classic wines, unusual varietals or something you’ve never experienced before, drop by for a tasting.

Piggs Peake Mother's Day Gift Card
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Treat your mum to a bottle of boutique wine this Mother’s Day. Our gift cards can be customised with a personal message and you can select the date and time you want them to be received by the recipient. Our gift cards are redeemable via our cellar door or online store.

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  • 02 6574 7000  (Winery)
  • 02 6574 7204  (Yellow Billy Restaurant)
  • 697 Hermitage Rd, Pokolbin, NSW
  • Cellar Door Opens 10am – 5pm
  • 7 Days a week


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Take the M1 Motorway.
Take the Hunter Express Way/M15 to the
New England Highway/A15 in Lower Belford

Continue onto to Hermitage Rd in Pokolbin
 and then onto New England Highway/A15
. Turn left onto Hermitage Rd
, Piggs Peake Winery is on the left hand side

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