2023 new release night menu

sporkling wines

2023 prosciutto

semi-sweet wines

guinea pig (slightly spritzy white)

pigscato (slightly spirtzy moscato)

pigbrusco (semi-sweet red)

pig juice (sweet spritzy shiraz)

dessert wines

2023 i swine

2023 suckling pig shiraz

white wines

2023 sows ear semillon

2023 rind riesling (dry)

2023 savvy pig

2023 pig latin fiano

2023 silk purse verdelho

2023 wiggly tail (roussanne/marsanne)

2023 pork barrel viognier

2022 surly pig chardonnay

2023 piggio

2023 rind riesling (sweet)

2023 porcelet saumon

2023 rosed pork

red wines

2022 pig noir

2022 super tusker sangiovese

2022 house of straw merlot

2022 trevor mctin pig shiraz

2022 happy as shiraz

2022 house of straw shiraz

2022 house of sticks shiraz

2022 house of bricks shiraz

2022 feral pig

2022 stylish sagrantino

2022 full boar durif

2022 house of bricks grenache/shiraz/viognier

2022 pork hunt

2022 deliverance

on arrival

binnorie dairy

cheese platters

to enjoy

pork & truffle sausages

spit roasted local pig

spit roasted beef rump

salad bar

basil penne roasted pumpkin & spinach salad

japanese slaw

american potatoes

black rice beetroot & walnut

bean medley


chocolate cake

please note: there are at least 25 wines open tonight. if you have just 30ml of each, that’s more than a bottle of wine! if you have a full glass of one wine, that’s 6 wines you never get to try. so, please try lots of little bits before you settle in with a glass of your favourite.
water, soft drinks, tea, coffee and hot chocolate are available out the back with beer.  please ask a staff member if there’s anything you cant find.