piggs in the garden

a frosty welcome is available for early morning visitors

Does it feel like this winter has been a lot colder than last year?


An early morning start at piggs peake has often coincided with a blanket of frost covering sections of the kitchen garden.


One of the plants which has excelled this season is the purple leaf kale. The cold weather certainly highlights the colour and crinkle shaped leaves of this plant.


When the weather changes from autumn into winter, this is the time to harvest the Jerusalem artichokes. Tubers from last season were replanted in the kitchen garden and once again we had a bumper crop that has found its way in various forms into the menu at Yellow Billy Restaurant and the Sty Café.

The secret to growing most vegetables begins with good soil preparation and the abundance of cauliflowers this winter is evidence of this. The cauliflowers followed on from where we had grown corn during summer and the roots of the corn have helped open up the soil. Building up the soil level with compost has added to the strong growth and some good size cauliflowers, which are now being enjoyed on the Yellow Billy menu.


An almost constant companion in the kitchen garden this season is our resident Butcher bird. If the soil is being turned over to aerate the ground or fertiliser is being dug into the garden, it’s like a magnet for our little friend who flies down in search of grubs. I feel like I’m becoming the Butcher bird whisperer these days.


After many weeks of waiting for the snow peas to grow, they have been flowering and producing masses of pea pods. I find that I need to taste test them every now and then and the crunch factor and taste is certainly there to enjoy when you visit Yellow Billy Restaurant for your next meal.

During the month of August we have guided tours of the Kitchen Gardens here at piggs peake on Friday mornings leading into lunch, which will include a tour of vegetables, herbs, fruit trees and bushfood areas. There’s always a few surprises during the tour.


On Saturday September 3rd there will also be a garden tour in conjunction with a special event with the Sty Café.


If you would like to express an interest in joining a garden tour for yourself or for a group, please email contact@yellowbillyrestaurant.com. You can also book online at www.yellowbillyrestaurant.com


So, revisit our website again soon to check our blog piggs in the garden and we’ll be back with further updates on the progress of our gardens as we lead into the season of spring. We also might see you at one of our Kitchen Garden tours.