piggs in the garden

3 seasons in one day

An early start in the kitchen garden at piggs peake can often feel a bit like autumn with cool morning temperatures, then as the day unfolds it seems like a progression into spring followed by summer in the afternoon. Is this related to global warming or just the basis for lyrics for a new song “3 seasons in one day”?


Root vegetables seem to have little concern for weather extremes and the golf ball carrots that are growing in the kitchen garden are evidence of this. Nicely compact and full of vitamins these are one of the popular items being served at yellow billy restaurant.


Radishes come in a range of colours and sizes and we’re growing these throughout the year in the kitchen garden.


Think summer, think zucchinis. Our Lebanese zucchinis need to be picked twice a week in the warm weather to keep them to a small size. Currently served as a side dish in Yellow Billy these are chargrilled and delicious.

One benefit of a slightly warmer spring is the volume of asparagus that we are harvesting this season. Shoots that are starting to emerge early in the day are usually ready for harvest in the afternoon and they are often being picked twice a day.


Our mulberry trees have produced bumper crops this season and have been incorporated into the menu for the Sty Café and the restaurant as jam, in desserts and in a range of cocktails.


Our rhubarb garden has been growing profusely and the quality of the crop has never been better. You’ll find our rhubarb nestled in amongst the desserts that are on offer in Yellow Billy Restaurant.


Watch this space at the rear of the winery. An area which was mainly covered by weeds has been transformed into yet another garden space for growing sweet potatoes, watermelons, pumpkins, and Jerusalem artichokes. Walk out the back of the winery to see how the space evolves in the coming weeks.

Leading up to Christmas we have guided tours of the Kitchen Gardens here at piggs peake, highlighting the produce which you can enjoy during a meal in the restaurant.


There’s always a few surprises during the tour.


If you would like to express an interest in joining a garden tour for yourself or for a group, please email contact@yellowbillyrestaurant.com. You can also book online at www.yellowbillyrestaurant.com


So, revisit our website again soon to check our blog piggs in the garden and we’ll be back with further updates on the progress of our gardens as we move through the season of summer. We also might see you at one of our Kitchen Garden tours.