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3. Pizza, Panini and Prosecco in Bellagio

Theres a “train” that tows carriages full of tourists around the coast between the towns of Griante and Mellagio. Its just a converted tractor dressed up. Its great fun. People love it and if the NSW government is following this YOU DONT HAVE TO RIP UP THE STREET TO BUILD IT. Theres nothing wrong with simple solutions people!


We had a chat with the lady making the pizza and she lives 2km away up steep windy roads. Being a food cart it has to go home each day, but she wont drive it. To scary driving bendy steep roads in a 3 wheeler!


Dogs are encouraged everywhere. Thinking back to Peck department store in Milano people were shopping with their dogs. Again, such commonsense. The Hunter Valley is currently struggling with food codes banning dogs from cellar door. Can anyone tell me why?????

An ad for schoolbooks I think…..

And, the explaination for the fireworks last night. 11 Agosto at 1030pm at Menaggio. The local towns compete for who can put on the biggest and best display. Wow! Its a serious competition for little villages.


Beer time. Italy also has a growing interest in craft beer leading to the production of all the ingredients domestically.

Nice beers, but at 6.5 euro its back to the minimart and the 1.5 euro becks for me!

Back at the minimart buying Becks and I ran into another favourite grape Nero D’avola. A lovely wine.

The avocado took me back to my childhood when avocados were good and half an avocado would be served at a dinner party as a course. It was buttery, nutty, blemish free, just delicious.


I planted 8 avocados on my farm last year but lost them all to frost. So, it was back down to the shores of Lake Como for pancetta, pickled mushrooms, dark heavy bread, avocado and a sip of Nero. Tomorrow we drive to Alba, but, looking at the map, theres a piece of Switzerland sticking out in our way. Stay tuned……

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