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7. Last Day on the Hazelnut Farm.

A quiet day today driving around the surrounds. The agriculture is quite definite as it the landscape.

At Dogliani the land flattens out and long, flat plains go off to the horizon. The argiculture shifts from grapes and hazelnuts to things like corn, lucerne and cattle. Cheese production takes center stage down this way.

Then lunch at cafe Le Le. Gnocchi with local cheese sauce and tagliatelle ragu. Both dishes are simple and delicious. A bottle of Arneis was required to wet the whistle. Before lunch, little nibbles of pate’, a meat inside a pastry case and some cold meats were provided by the restaurant. A lady was celebrating her 95th birthday, but with a deft movement she switched the numbers on the cake and became 59 again. Brilliant! There were some lovely hounds present too. A big bear of a dog similar to a St Bernard. I showed the owner a video of my bluey and she said “What is that?”

That night, we were sitting on the deck nibbling meats and feeling quite content when our host Rosa decided to make us a platter for dinner. Shed made little parcels of meat in pasta like ravioli. Tomatoes shed grown with tuna on top. Some pate’ on a biscuit and again pesto from the garden. I said to Robin “this is the difference between a 5 star and where we are here. Love.”






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