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14. Last Moments on the River Countess

Next day its cold and rainy for a change. We jump a river taxi and go to the markets with the boats head chef to buy supplies for lunch and dinner.



Theres great produce, especially seafood. A mixed seafood dish ( like calamari but with prawns and octopus too) is quickly decided on. Fennel soup. Grilled Sea Bass (I wanted mutant Sea Bass with fricken lazerbeams on their heads. The Venetian fishmonger seemed confused by my request…


Next day we did a Murano glass making display. Our master took 17 years to complete his training and be granted “master” status. The tools are pliers, a blow pipe and a cutter. Thats it. It is amazing to watch these guys tease a shape out of the glass.


Finally it was time to leave the River Countess and say goodbye to the staff, crew and fellow travellers. Good times. One of the lads working the breakfast shift took great delight in spiking my morning coffee or fruit juice. Others were just so attentive. The fellow travellers were great fun and just lovely to be around.

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