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17. Farewell Italy!

The next morning we stick to the routine. Refreshing swim. Foraged brekky. Grappa. Grappa. Then goodbyes all round and a discussion about Stefano and Anna visiting Oz. Id love to see that happen. Anyhow, now its a drive to Firenze. Train to Rome. Train to Rome Airport. Plane to Dubai and a plane to Sydney and a short Sunday morning drive to the Hunter which will see us at home in a short 2 days time………

Its been a big trip. I bought a tailor made jacket at the start, it doesnt fit me anymore ☹️. I have marks burnt into me from a linen shirt I thought was “sun proof”. It wasnt. You can make out the thicker parts of the stitching where I didnt get burnt. Im out of clean clothes. I have a dozen wines, a bag of hazelnuts, some risotto rice, truffle oil and herbed salt. The customs guys might keep most of that, but its worth asking if its OK to bring home. Might be sitting at the airport eating nuts if it all goes wrong.

Italy is an amazing country. A friend said last night, what were the best bits. For me it wasnt the churches or the buildings or the history. It was the tomatoes and the pasta and the peaches and yes of course the wines and the people we met. Not the showers………

So, its time to go. A drive to Firenze, a train to Rome. A train to the airport and I see a sign that says “Porchetta” with a picture of a roast pig. Now, I know from experience that food rarely looks like the photo. I walked around the corner and saw a perfectly cooked boned and stuffed 40kg pig. What a great way to say goodbye. Pork roll in hand I boarded my flight to Dubai. Farewell Italy!!!!

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