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1. So, it Begins!

And so it begins. 8 days of planes, trains and automobiles. This morning Marc and I loaded the 2018 Hogshead Chardonnay, 2018 Bushpig and the 2018 Pigs Blood onto a tanker for bottling. Ironically, all three wines will be bottled on Halloween. Pigs Blood and Halloween. Spooky……. Anyhow, having successfully sent the wines off to be bottled it was time to hit the road. By chance I turned on the car and Dave Gleeson from the Screaming Jets was on the radio introducing ACDC Its A Long Way To The Top. So, I started my odyssey to the sound of Bon Scott screaming at me “its a long way. Such a long way.” Yep, hes right…….


So, its a short flight from Williamtown to Melbourne. On take off the pilot screwed the arse off our plane in a manouvre more fitting of a Red Bull pilot. But, after the G Forces subsided we were rewarded with a low altitude trip down the Australian coastline on a perfect October afternoon. Newcastle port and the Hunter River. Sydney Harbour. You could not have done better if you chartered a plane to do it. Just magnificent!
As luck would have it I am sharing a plane with another Hunter Valley Winemaker Andrew Thomas. Andrew recently opened a Cellar Door just down the road from piggs under his label Thomas Wines. The label is not new, Andrew has been knocking out cracking wines for about 20 years but the Cellar Door is recent. Pop in for a look next time you come to see us.
Sadly, this trip to Melbourne is just the four hours at the airport before I fly to Perth. Such a pity. I love Melbourne. Anyhow, back soon.
First food adventure on my trip.

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