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The first 70m of the fairway is carpark in appearance, but parking is discouraged

Even out here theres still a focus on food and drink
The Nullarbor Nymph was a fabricated story that made headlines. It involved a statuesque blonde who lived naked with the local kangaroos.
Lush fairways are littered with the remains of clay pigeons. Provides plenty of extra run
The club house has been fitted out with catering facilities for 100 and climate controlled dining areas
Eucla is right down near the ocean. Its a bright sunny day but the breezes are straight off the south pole
Back in the day this was the telegraph station
I do love a good snake warning
Little margin for error. Its like threading a needle
The Border Roo. Hes in SA, so goodbye WA

Just over the border we dip down to the edge off the bluff
Im going to have to go back to my reference source (a childrens picture book on trucks my son used to get me to read him) and check road train lengths. According to the road signs around here about 50m seems to be the limit. Hmmmmm

Ceduna is a lovely little town on the ocean with a long jetty. The pub and bistro look out over the jetty. Just gorgeous
We stay the night at Streaky Bay and eat prawns, tender squid and King George Whiting at the bar. Hoges is our host (nah, not that Hoges) and he has a horse running on the weekend called Beauty (nah, not that Beauty) that we now intend to have a flutter on.

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